The flat stone ring

So we had to make a ring with an embedded stone on it. This was not the kind of ring I would make if I had my way but it did turn out pretty nice anyway. 

 Since we still haven’t got around to Gemology I am happy to tell you that I know what this stone is called. It is Lapis Lazuli and the reason me and many other teenage emos know this stone is that it was explained to be a so called vampire stone in a famous book series which has since been made into a famous TV-series. The vampire stone lapis lazuli was a gem that would give its user the ability to walk in sunlight. Now after this very useful grain of information I have some pretty pictures for you to look at. 

So the idea was to make a flat ring with a stone on it in the shape we wanted to, leaving a millimeter on both sides of the stone untouched. I'm still behind on the assignments so I did a simple version.

My friend told me it looks like the bus "stopper" button. Should probably give it to her for a christmas.

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