Throwback & new stuff

A christmaspresent I made for someone who used to fly the fighterplanes called Draken

A present for my friends daughter who loves pink and flamingos (made this right at the beginning of school, but had forgot that I did have this picture)

For one of my best friends a ring with a silverball on top.

A keyring made for someone who works in the movie and TV business just before christmas.

I sadly only have this one picture of this dove inspired necklace that my friend asked for. I did however do finishing touches on it later so it does not really look this rough. I made this during the fall.

The midirings one of my childhoodfriends asked me to make. She had these rings in plastic, but they kept brakeing so she asked me to make them in silver. (PS. she has thinner fingers than me, so the rings sitt better on her) These rings were made after summer when we noticed she couldnt handle the plastic ones.


Back to school, but good news too!

So. School started again and back to the bloggingworld it is.

The competition for young jewelrydesigner of the year was announced in the end of summer and lo and behold I got second place!

YEY! 😍 💙

3D lesson. Made Mickey Mouse.


3D crownsettings

Different kinds of crown settings that we have been working on during 3Dclass