Let's get this started


I've only been updateing about IT-class until now so let's get this thing started for real.

 In case you're really seriously reading this then welcome to my blog. I am a previously confused 26-year-old who finally found something I'm actually good at and enjoy doing. 


This blog will be an obligatory part of the enjoyment so I will be posting regularly but if there are only posts about 3D you will know I am trying my best to evade posting anything for one or other reason.

So what is this enjoyable new finding as if it wouldn't be apparent by the pictures posted below. 




I'm going to be a goldsmith when I grow up. Well grow up older than I already am. Well at least in case everything goes as planned. 

I happily started my first schoolyear with a weeklong trip to Spain where I caught the Spanish flu or maybe just A Spanish flu which means I am behind on most assignments and thus also on my blog. 

Keep in mind this blog is an obligatory part of my classes which means I wasn’t prepared to do this and the presentable photos are yet to be taken.

 Now here are the first three assignments I got after getting back.

The first assignment was to make a square pendant with a design containing our initials and the boarders kept intact. Broke 13 sawblades making this thing and was sadly not allowed to finish since I've fallen so much behind. There have also been discussions about this looking like Citroens logo upside down or the Assassins Creed logo and even about it resembling the Batman symbol. Multisymbolic logo.

Second assignment was to make a pendant with a predesigned shape and with a stone set in the middle. Only snapped three sawblades during this one. Still has a bit of black settingputty (don't know if that is even close to the English term for it) on it.

Third assignment was a basic flat silver ring. No sawblades where hurt during the making of this ring.

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